International conference

15-17 Dec 2012


The Legal Regime and Measures for Conservation of Bio Diversity and Protection of Ecological Balance of Western Ghats.


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Announcing Major Kerala, India Ecology Conference

The First International Law Conference of the KLA on Conservation of Forests, Wild Life and Ecology organized by the Kerala Law Academy and CALSAR will be held at the Kerala Law Academy campus in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India from 15.12.2012 to 17.12.2012. The theme of the First International Conference 2012 is "The Legal Regime and Measures for Conservation of Bio Diversity and Protection of Ecological Balance of Western Ghats".


Kerala is socially a very progressive society. It has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) among all Indian states; at 0.921 it is higher than all nations of the world except Norway and Austria. It has the highest literacy rate (93.91%), highest life expectancy (74 years) and lowest sex ratio (as measured by the ratio of number of men to number of women: 923 men per 1000 women) in India.



  • 15th Dec 2012 Saturday
    9:00 AM

    Inaugural Session

  • 16.12.2012 Sunday
    8.45 AM

    Challenges of Plantation estates, agricultural operations, religious activities, social forestry, tourism, tourist resorts to the ecology of Western Ghats and legal measures; Controversial locations – Problems, challenges: Practice and approach at International level.

  • 17.12.2012 Monday
    8.45 AM

    Role of landscape and land use pattern in the Western Ghats to the conservation of ecology in Western Ghats: Issues, Problems and legal measures – International perspective.


International perspective

The need for conservation of biological diversity and ecological balance in the Western Ghats is the concern of the global community as it is an essential and inevitable requirement to combat climate change and global warming.


Program coordinators

  • Nagaraj Narayanan
    Programme Coordinator

  • Dr. Glen Barry
    Academic Convener and Coordinator

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Lekshmi Nair
    Principal, Kerala Law Academy

  • Dr S Sanker
    Former Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute

  • Dr K C Sunny
    Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala

  • Prof. M. K. Prasad

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