i. Teaching faculty members and students of universities and other academic institutions, conservationists, biologists, wild life experts, researchers, scientists, forest experts, forest officials, judges, jurists and lawyers are eligible to participate.

ii. Participation is strictly based on selection of the synopsis submitted by the intending participant. The synopsis shall not exceed 1000 words. The research paper for publication ideally may not be more than 27000 words including footnotes and will be subject to peer review. However the research paper for presentation at the Conference could be a shorter version of the research paper for publication and such research paper for presentation at the Conference may not exceed 9000 words including footnotes.

iii. Participation is limited to those intending to contribute to the Conference by submission of working/research paper, project, article, etc., that would contain some concrete proposal, suggestions, or recommendations relating precisely to the selected theme.

iv. Intending participants are requested to submit their synopses to the organizers at any of the following email addresses: ; or ; by 20-11-2012, inclusive. A copy of their curriculum vitae/ bio-data must accompany their respective synopses. The paper for presentation at the conference should be submitted on or before 12-12-2012. The research paper for publication may be submitted on the Conference day.  Enquiries can also be had at ; (Details of Kerala Law Academy at

v. The intending participant will be formally invited to the conference only after his/her synopsis has been selected. Professors, Associate professors, experts and students of repute will be given preference. The selection of synopses shall follow the submission of synopses on first come first serve basis.

vi. The research paper must contain title, objectives, body (authoritative propositions supported by footnote citations), conclusion and suggestions along with the name(s) of the author(s), designation, address, email id for communication, including phone number.The synopsis/abstract and the research paper shall be in MS-word 2007, Font style Times New Roman, Size-12, Line spacing 1.5. The footnotes should be in font style Times New Roman, size 10, line spacing 1.0.The Blue book uniform System of Citation 19th edition or any approved system of citation may be followed.

vii. The organizing committee shall provide for all the participants’ participation / presentation certificates.

viii. The Kerala Law Academy law reserves the right to publish the papers. The paper should not have been published or sent for publication elsewhere and a declaration to this affect should accompany the paper. Organizing Committee of the international conference shall not be responsible for any copyright violation.

ix. For effective and fruitful discussion, formulations and conclusions, the participation is limited to 80, which may, however, be slightly relaxed at the discretion of the Organizing Committee, depending on given circumstances. The success of the conference will be the quality of discussion, resolutions and proposals. Oral presentation could be accompanied by power point presentation to give more clarity, brevity and conciseness. The papers and materials presented and the discussions, suggestions, proposals, formulations, conclusions etc at the conference shall become the property of the organizers who will have copyright over the same.

Program coordinators

  • Nagaraj Narayanan
    Programme Coordinator

  • Dr. Glen Barry
    Academic Convener and Coordinator

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Lekshmi Nair
    Principal, Kerala Law Academy

  • Dr S Sanker
    Former Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute

  • Dr K C Sunny
    Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala

  • Prof. M. K. Prasad

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