Dr. Madhav Gadgil

Protecting the Environment of Western Ghats by creating a law-abiding Society that values Knowledge.

Advocate P. Chandrasekhar

Environmental Protection Versus Environmental clearance : The Challenge Ahead.

Dr. Sairam Bhat

Mining in Western Ghats : Challenges for sustainable development in Goa.

Dr. Jean Philip and Dr. Priya Davidar

The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve: Conceived But Never Delivered.

Dr. Glen Barry

Old Forests, Kerala’s Elephants and the Biosphere.

Dr. M. K. Ramesh

A Critique of Gadgil Committee Report.

Prof. Muhammed Jashimuddin

Forest Conservation in Bangladesh: Legal Measures and Policy Support.

Dr. Khaled Misbahuzzaman

Protecting watershed values of Forest Commons in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh : Can legal Measures Work ?

Dr. Frank Fleerackers

Law, Effectiveness and Ecology : The Role of Human Interaction.

Dr. R. Sukumar

The Tiger and the Elephant: Alternative Approaches to Conservation Planning of Landscapes.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Unique Biodiversity of Western Ghats

Dr. P.S. Easa

The Relevance of Corridors in Landscape Level Conservation

Prof. A. Govindjee and Prof. JA van der Walt

Biodiversity and Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa.

Ceri Warnock

Conflicting Values in Environmental Management : The New Zealand Experience.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Nath

Protected Area Governence : Impact on Forest Conservation and Community Livelihood in Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary

Dr. Syed Suhail Shahzad

Forest Protection vis-a-vis Mining : Position in Pakistan

Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Insight to Biodiversity, Ecology, Hydrology and Livelihood Linkages with Landscape Dyanamics For Sustainable Manangement of Ecosystems

Mr. V. D. Satheeshan

Western Ghats and Protection of Rivers

Mr. N. T. Nair

Harnessing Renewables, with Care for Ecological Sensitivities

Dr. Rajasri Ray

Sacred Grove : The Changing Perspective in Contemporary World

Dr. Priyesh C A and Dr M. P. Abraham

Ecological Dimensions of Economic Development

Dr. Sonia K. Das

Wildlife Conservation vis-a-visRights of Forest Dwellers

Dr. Saleena Haneesh

Traditional Knowledge Digital Library and Biodiversity Conservation: A Critique

Mr Ramakrishna Das P. R.

Madhav Gadgil Committee Report : An Analysis

Mrs. Wanida Phromlah

A System Perspective on Forest Governance Failures and the Implications for The Western Ghats

Miss. Anita Yadav

Convention on Biological Diversity 1992 and Biological Diversity Act 2002 : A Critical Appraisal

Miss. Shraddha Tiwari

Conservative Approach of Forest Laws in India : A Critical Appraisal

Miss. Deepa A.

World Heritage Site Status to Western Ghats: A Boon to the Riches of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge.

Mr. Sourish Saha

Living Up To the World Heritage Status : A Challenge

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra and Miss Trishna Roy

Environment Vs. Development : A Case of Compatibility or Conflict?

Miss Nilanjana Bhattacharjee

Standoff in the Ongoing International Environmental Debate : What is it going to cost the Ghats?

Mr Sachin S

Protecting the biodiversity in Western Ghats –
The Kerala Organic Farming Policy Model in the Light of Developments in International Environment Law

Mr Shivam Bajaj and Miss Stella Job

Justice for Environment : Legislations and Inconsistencies

Mr Nikhilesh Nedungattummal

Relevance of Environment Impact Assessment in Western Ghats

Miss Annie Mampilly

Habitat Fragmentation and Invasive species in Western Ghats: The Closed Eye of Law & Anthropocentrism

Mr Nichu Willington

Effectiveness of the Kerala Forest (Vesting & Management Of Ecologically Fragile Land) Act, 2003 for Protection of the Western Ghats : Conflicts between the State and the Public

Mr Vivek Sankar

Western Ghats;The ecological treasure trove of Kerala

Mr Anirudh Sujoria and Miss. J. M. Rashmi

Human Interaction with Nature: Crytical Analysis

Mr Devanu Roy Choudhury

Rights for the indigenous peoples – Still a distant dream

Mr Sarath Krishnan R. and Miss Aswathy Sasidharan S.

Ecological Imbalance, Incompetent Wildlife Protection and Western Ghats

Miss Balmi Chisim

Hell from the Heaven

Miss Shalini Singh

The Law of the Green and the Wild

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    Programme Coordinator

  • Dr. Glen Barry
    Academic Convener and Coordinator

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Lekshmi Nair
    Principal, Kerala Law Academy

  • Dr S Sanker
    Former Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute

  • Dr K C Sunny
    Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala

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