The theme of the Conference is “The Legal Regime and Measures for Conservation of Bio Diversity and Protection of Ecological Balance of Western Ghats”. As is well known, the future of planet earth essentially depends on the protection and conservation of Biological diversity hotspots in the world. Western Ghats -- given a World Natural heritage site Status by the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO -- is one of the ten hottest hotspots of biological diversity in the world. It is also a fact that a major part of this world natural heritage is in Kerala.

The need for conservation of biological diversity and ecological balance of the Western Ghats is the concern of the global community being an inevitable requirement to combat climate change and global warming. Its continuing influence on the ecological balance of our planet is a matter of concern for the present and future generations of planet earth. The participants can focus on their experience on issues related to conversation of forest, wildlife management, wildlife corridor, fresh water issues, watershed role of mountains, protection of water sources, land use and landscape change in their country along with international environmental law perspectives including the World Heritage model.

The Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (Mr. Madhav Gadgil committee) constituted by the Central Government of India contains several recommendations for the protection and conservation of Western Ghats (For the Gadgil Committee report see). However with the appointment of Kasturirangan Committee by the Indian Central Government purporting to review the Gadgil Committee report, efforts to conserve the ecology of the Western Ghats confront several issues and face several apprehensions. The Conference expects to discuss the legal implications of the World Heritage site status for various sites in the Western Ghats and the means, methods and ways to strengthen the existing legal frame work and regime and suggest new legal measures and framework for protection and conservation of the biological diversity and ecological balance in the Western Ghats in particular and planet earth in general from an international perspective. The conference expects research papers/working papers that would contain some concrete proposals, suggestions, or recommendations — relating precisely to the selected theme — from various national and international participants. The participants can focus on the forest, wildlife, biosphere, water, landscape/ land use, biodiversity, ecology and environmental laws of their country and international environmental law.

The entire proceedings of the Conference will be documented and the selected papers will be published. The conclusions and recommendations approved at the Conference and the Declaration of the Conference will be published and submitted to the Government and relevant enforcement agencies and authorities for state action and guidance. The conference will also decide on the theme for the next conference.

Program coordinators

  • Nagaraj Narayanan
    Programme Coordinator

  • Dr. Glen Barry
    Academic Convener and Coordinator

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Lekshmi Nair
    Principal, Kerala Law Academy

  • Dr S Sanker
    Former Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute

  • Dr K C Sunny
    Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala

  • Prof. M. K. Prasad

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