Dr. S.R.S Bedi (Dr Shiv Raj Singh Bedi), an expert in International Human Rights Law and proponent of the human dignity jurisprudence was an International Civil servant of the United Nations assigned to its principal judicial organ, the International Court of Justice, The Haque from 1985 to 2009 . While working as Professor of law at the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab, India, Dr Shiv Bedi died on 3-10-2012 while engaged in his official duty . At the time of his death, he was also Visiting Professor at the Kerala Law Academy and he was an active member of the organizing committee of the First International Conference on Conservation of Forest, Wild Life and Ecology and actively engaged in its organization. He was the inspiration for organizing the conference as well as the guiding spirit and strength behind the conference.

Dr. Bedi took his B.A. and M.A. from the Punjab University and LLM and LLD from the Catholic University of Brussels and Doctorandus from the University of Amsterdam. His areas of specialization and interest include Public International Law, International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law, International Environmental Law and Global Governance. In his 45 years of legal, academic and diplomatic experience he has altogether worked in

1. The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (2-8-2010 to 3-10-2012).
2. Guru Nanak Dev University (1-1-2012 to 1-8-2010).
3. The International Court of Justice (1985-2009).
4. The Embassy of Japan in The Hague (1975-1985)
5. Indian Embassy in The Hague (1974-1975).
6. Indian Navy (1966-1973) .
7. Besides Dr Bedi has since long been a Visiting Professor of International Law at numerous universities and other high institutions.

He has several publications to his credit including his two books
1. The Development of Human Rights Law by the Judges of the International Court of Justice (Oxford 2007)
2. The role and record of India and Indian judges at the International Court of Justice 1946-2011(Patiala 2012).

Besides being a member of numerous learning societies, he had been appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, India, as a member of (i) General Council; (ii) Executive Council (iii) the Academic Council;  and (iv) Internal Quality Assurance Cell of theRajiv Gandhi National University of Law and was holding these positions at the time of his demise.

At the time of his untimely demise he was supervising 6 PhD research scholars

Dr. Shiv Bedi’s untimely demise on 3-10-2012 in the midst of his active role in the organization of the 1st conference was a rude shock and earth shattering news for the organizing committee and all those who loved him. Dr. Shiv Bedi was a great human being with a warm and pure heart and an academic scholar who was sincere at heart and full of compassion for others and was willing to go an extra mile to help his fellow beings.

We will always remember you, Dr Shiv for all the great and good things you have done for us, the conference and for the Kerala Law Academy. As mark of our respect to your memory we have introduced two awards for the best research papers presented at the conference; one for a student and another for a research scholar. We express our love and respect for you Dr Shiv.

Program coordinators

  • Nagaraj Narayanan
    Programme Coordinator

  • Dr. Glen Barry
    Academic Convener and Coordinator

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Lekshmi Nair
    Principal, Kerala Law Academy

  • Dr S Sanker
    Former Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute

  • Dr K C Sunny
    Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala

  • Prof. M. K. Prasad

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